The Critical Need for Servant Leadership at the Heart of Government

Good Character Matters and Must Be Rewarded — And I Believe It Will Win the Day

One of the phenomenal sons of Oklahoma, Will Rogers. (Hulton Archives/ Getty Images)
Sometimes activism means waving signs like a madman so people can learn the name of your candidate.
Inside the OFA 2012 Campaign HQ. (Source)
Whether the President of the United States or the janitor, everyone should be treated with the same respect.
North Star swag given to staffers.
The 2015 White House LGBT in Tech Summit (Source)
South by South Lawn (SXSL), October 3, 2016.
The President and Senior Staff observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. December 21, 2012. (Source)

#Geek using my powers of technology for better government. Founder of @580Strategies - Former @ObamaWhiteHouse and @StateDept

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