America, We Need to Talk

Disrespect for military and public service has no place in American leadership. And it’s time we resoundingly said so at the ballot box.

John William May’s grave-site, Highland Cemetery, Stonewall, Oklahoma.
Robert Francis Pickens (left) and John William May (right)
The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017 — complete with newly minted Nazi flags. (Photo: Wikipedia)
Various photos of Bob and Bill from the Family Heirlooms.
The World War II Memorial in Washington,
The Oklahoma pillar of the WWI Memorial in honor of those Oklahomans who fought in the European Theater.
Gorbachev and Reagan signing legislation that improved the relationship between both countries. (Source:
Exhibit A for Russian Return on Investment. (Photo: WSJ)
Merkle and Macron honoring the end of World War I one hundred years ago in 2018 — John Kelly was there representing America. (Source)
Arlington Section 60 — testimony to America’s recent wars. (Credit: SSgt Gina Chiaverotti-Paige)

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